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Google+ vs. Facebook

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By now even the technologically challenged people on the web should have heard about Google’s new service, Google+. It’s a marvelously well-designed social network who’s focus is to separate the people you know, the people you follow, and the people you may not know at all. Google+ maintains these separations through a device called “Circles”. In which you place individuals into the circles to keep organized. In this blog post I will express to you what I have experienced with Google+ and how I think it relates to Facebook and other social services.

There happens to be a line of people trying to get into Google+ and I was once one of them not a few days ago. So while I would like to express my opinion I can not and will not tell you I am now an expert on G+. When you first get into G+ you feel like a kid in a candy shop not sure where to stop first. The experience is nostalgic. Everything is new and shiny and I probably felt the same thing when I left Myspace for Facebook. The interface of G+ is simply beautiful with clean lines, noticeable notifications, and a seemingly simply user interface. I will say it again. Google+ has a seemingly simple interface. When I get on G+ there are things I love;

1. It comes stock with the usual sidebar I have above my Gmail anyway so I find myself being able to be in two places with one website. The ease of use and transition between the two are much more natural and easier than between Facebook. I would assume this is different for people who use other Email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, and etc.

2. The design of G+ looks nice and meshes well with other Google products and services. The notifications are easy to see and I have not had any missing notifications like I seem to have on Facebook. 

3. I love a product that MAKES me organize my friends so that I don’t get confused later as to how I met them (much like I am on Facebook).

4. For me the iOS app and the website itself moves smoother,faster, and generally more efficient than their Facebook counterpart. This may be a matter of opinion but I have noticed a vast difference between the Facebook app and the G+ app on my iPhone. I barely get on my Facebook app because it’s slow, it’s buggy, (im constantly losing notifications or friend requests),  and I can never seem to get where I want or do what I need. In today’s world, mobility of a platform is just as important as the product itself.

5. G+ actually gives you the option to control where your data is going and when. With the ability to alter your posts and make them go only to the exact people you want. It’s been said that some people are having trouble with remembering who is in which Circle and all I can say to that is make more unique circles. I have not found a limit to the number you can make. For someone as organizational as myself, this is a very good thing.

6. G+ does not “choose” who your most important friends are like Facebook does using their algorithms and scores. So I can so whomever and whatever at my own discretion which I believe is the whole purpose of a social network in the first place.

7. The video chat in Google+’s hangout feature is phenomenal and feels almost natural at least once you get it set up.

Ok so now that I’ve gushed on G+ for a little bit I would like to explain to you a few reasons why I think I may have jumped on the G+ bandwagon too fast.

1. There does not seem to be a private messaging system in G+ like there is on Facebook. I have not found one yet but it may only be because I have not been at this long enough. I would like to be able to post privately to one single family member and im not quite sure how it would work. 

2. Uploading photos is a royal pain! I tried to change my Profile picture twice without success and I was unsure for a while why I was failing! In Facebook i was able to upload 497 photos from my trip to California in less than ten minutes all in ordered albums.

3. Trying to invite someone to Google+ is becoming a hassle. Especially when you have to explain everything to them. There is no real introduction into the services G+ provides and it is extremely difficult for first time users to get a handle on the website. I think Google needs to sit down and figure out how they are going to steal the show from Facebook a little bit better. There is no incentive to join G+ if it is not easy to use. Otherwise, Google+ will be something average users will user for a week and then simply go back to what is tried and true. Despite Facebook’s flaws they have made it extremely easy to find friends and connect with people right out of the gate. 

In summary. I love the idea of Google+. I love the design of the implementation. I detest the logistics of the new social network and I find myself going back to Facebook continuously to chat with the “real” world. 

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Just got back from a week in paradise. This is an actual photo I took on the Snodgrass mountain in Colorado.

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Haha was surfing around on the web and saw this. The Catholic church is definitely funnier.

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So my family is sitting around the dinner table and my little brother decides to tell a blonde joke that goes like this:

A blonde goes for a walk by the train tracks and as she goes along she happens upon a brunette who is jumping back and forth from one side of the tracks to the other. She keeps chanting “21..21..21…”

The blonde decides that this looks like great fun and joins in jumping back in forth over the train tracks. As she does she looks down at her feet and chants with the brunette “21..21..21…”

As they’re jumping across the tracks a shrill whistle blows and a train starts chugging to where the blonde and brunette are jumping. The brunette sees the train and jumps off the tracks and sits to watch.

The blonde still looking down at her feet keeps chanting “21..21..21…” as the train right through her.

The brunette walks back to the tracks and continues jumping back and forth chanting “22..22..22…”

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Ok so went to the lake and now my entire body is burnt! Also. Growing facial hair. exciting. I know. ^^

Ok so went to the lake and now my entire body is burnt! Also. Growing facial hair. exciting. I know. ^^

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Just Wondering..

If a prostitute gets raped is it shoplifting?

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The Ones You Love

I realized something last night.

I got into a fight last night with my girlfriend. It was a big one. I threatened to break up with her. But I did not. I would not. I could not.

I realized that I could not because I loved her. Terribly so. The ones you truly love can make you the angriest, the saddest, the happiest, the worst, or the best, you could ever know. They heighten your emotions to a place that normal people can not go. They show you that you are truly alive. 

So if you have doubts about your relationship, if you are in a dark place and can not find out where the exit is. Remember that love is all things. It is the dark and the light. The good and the bad. A double edged sword poised above your heart.

Remember that no matter what. The joy AND the pain are the only true way to know you are alive. Rejoice in love. Whether it be good or bad because without it… we are nothing more than the very stones we tread upon.


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How many drunks does it take to remember a name?

  1. Drunk Guy#1: Hey man you've been doing a great job, what's your name? (Talking to the bartender Adam)
  2. Adam: Well my name is Adam (Shakes the guys hand.)
  3. Drunk Guy #1: Well awesome man I'm Mike.
  4. Drunk Guy #2: Im Steve (He shakes his hand as well.)
  5. Drunk Girl : and I'm Brittany.
  6. Drunk Guy #1: So you said your name was Steve? (Talking to Adam)
  7. Adam: Well.. uh. You can call me Steve but I liked to be called Carl.
  8. Drunk Guy #1: Ohhh Carl that's right.
  9. Drunk Guy #2: Well you looked like a Carl.
  10. Drunk Girl: Well sorry Carl we thought you were Steve!
  11. Adam: (Sigh)
  12. Just another day at my work lol
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You want to be a hero? The truth is, we have both have just been going around in circles. Fate is what we all live by in the end. Therefore all victories and all defeats no longer matter. What is victory? There is no victory without defeat to someone.
The Three Kingdoms
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Im looking through old photos. Does anyone remember this at liberty? Landmines were going pretty cheap those days! haha

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I’m sorry that my mind is in the gutter :/

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Don’t trip over the past because you’ll stumble into the present and fall blindly into the future.
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My brothers idea of flirting with girls is building a water balloon catapult. (Maybe they’ll wear white shirts)

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One of the best songs ever remade by Yellowcard!